Friday, 4 December 2015

SYRIA War, Lesson to Nigerians

I abhor discussing or writing about tribal and religious affairs because the truth might seems partizan in nature and might lead to misconception of ideas but I can't bear the insatiable behavior of some Igbo's. I refuse to blame them for not been able to fight for what they think is rightful theirs, according to malcom x he said" An old woman can sit, a girl can sit, a lady can sit but it takes a man to stand" every display executed by majority of the Ndigbo shows the unity of Nigeria is the last thing on their mind and are suffering from inferiority complex. They want power and bigger shares of the national cake because to them the Buhari administration has abandon them and they think they are been massacred in the north-east of Nigeria. Is civil war the next thing for Nigeria? Truly, appointments made by the Buhari administration didn't favour fellow Nigerians from the east but that didn't warrant de-amalgamation of the country Nigeria. Three more years and few months left for Buhari to come to us for another vote or to walk away from power then you can fight at the poll to get power but I don't want to explain to you what you need to do but to tell you the consequences of what you are doing because for me I care less who is holding a post or not, all I know is if they get the job done then the world will tell us about them. I would have use as examples Africa civil or political violence as a lesson but it won't really give my outmost hankering on the purpose of this article, moreover when most of the wars were fought many weapons used in Syria were still in the lab and the rate at which the insanity of the world is now has no shame compare to back then but movies like hotel Rwanda, John the dog can still give idea of what you are to expect if your desire for war is accomplish. The Syria issue seems to the world like a normal religious and extremism battle but the truth is that it is far from it, you can Google search about the war but read it intensively and with deep thought because you have to be able to climb the tree of the story beyond it leaves to get it accurately. Summary,the war was cause by factional interest not been united then greed set in then war. The same step is beginning in our nation, some northerner believes Jonathan is responsible for their massacre and they argue this with points, let me outline some: I. Who are the Nigerians on board in the plane caught at south Africa trying to buy weapons, Jonathan administration forgot to name them. ii. If the President allocate so much money to security yet the military cry foul of inadequate equipments then the money is spent on boko haram. The Easterner and Christians initially thought boko haram were out to inflict pain on them alone but they are just use to divert the media from their real agenda that is to disunite Nigeria,we are falling prey of their plan. How can the northerner be happy of not been able to go about their daily duties,they have refuse to keep malice with the fear of going out and not returning, their children are scared of playing, if they roam around too much they become suspect (boko haram member). As the insurgents swallow the north rather than the east to pray for peace to return, they choose to begin a revolution that should have been done and dusted when the subsidy on petroleum product was remove during Jonathan administration. Pls where was this Biafra slogan during Jonathan administration, how sarcastic is their intentions? what really baffles me is the lies that Kalu uche and other ignorant people has cooked to abet their greedy proclivity and seek support from their kinsmen in Western countries. Today every Syrian that clap or have an atom of support for the different factions in their country have paid the price of their support either by losing his or her property or losing their wife or children to the war that find peace in their Nation, they found themselves been the testing ground for chemical weapons, countries now see Syrians as refugee and every neighbouring countries see them as threat to their economy. The massive destruction of infrastructure is so alarming that even if the war ever ended, i repeat, ever ended. Syria might never be able to pencils it name into the world power. I could go as much as I can to explain the devastating consequences of war using Syria as a case study but some uninformed educated illiterates might still think what business of theirs is this since you could feed yourself and smile at the end of the day or month, you are not concerned about the Biafra issue, read and be more enlighten on the impending danger the Nation we are, face though i wish it won't get to this but if this sarcastic people are not been silence then it might get farther than i am predicting. Soon, the protest will start to affect the daily activities of Nigerians thereby having negative effects on the economy,it will become unbearable by the government and it will decide to hold some people responsible, seeing the government arresting their fellow Biafra fighter, they will pounce on the Northerner to get a message across to the government then retaliation, uproar in Lagos will be inevitable because it is the most multi-cultural state in Nigeria, by default Lagos in dilemma means Nigeria in dilemma. Each tribes seek refuge by returning to their various state and some Biafra military men joins the Biafra fighters, the second civil war begins. Bullets will be contesting volume with our digital appliances and the benin- ore road been the popular link between the east and the south will be a battle field and every road that lead from the North to the East will be a deleted from the map of civilians. The first target of every side will be tertiary institutions, for proper planning and coordination and to get the best of enemies female to satisfy their sex hunger and to do the feminine chores. To be continue...

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Open letter to death

I wish to know the day that my brothers or sister problems will no longer affects me when my dreams will depart my mind and become a mirage of my existence, mistakes we made is that our goals are limited to our desire on earth, I am not against a luxurious life because I want comfort too but I am against a life that has no purpose to make an addition to mankind on earth. Anytime we were given chance to make difference, please don't hesitate to leave your footstep on the sand of time , life is too short so make impact as soon as you can. Death is no friend of any and foe to none, it is a debt no one will forget not to pay whether you pray or play with your life. The best of mankind classify as angels on earth has pay their due to the killer of desire and even psychopath that you wish never came to earth has pay their tax to death. To you Angel of Death, please hold on a long time I have many things to accomplish. I haven't felt the cool breeze at Minos Imperial Luxury Beach Resort & Spa (Milatos),i am yet to get maama her dream car, help my Abu live his dream life, live a sweet life with Miss Adedeji Aishat, I have not worship the master of the day of judgment to my satisfaction and I have not been declare the president of federal republic of Nigeria. As you can see angel of death I am still miles away from my desire I have just #500 in my bank Account, if you take my soul nobody will help my dead body to achieve this. pls hang on, give me time to smile and Iet me be opportune to say I did it. With the help of God I was able to leave my footprint on the sand of time, when my absent will be appreciated more gadhi and when people will appreciate me like yar'Adua. I wish angel of death read this, now I am scared as if he is at my doorstep.

Culled from Enjoy your Life

I once went on a trip to a country to deliver some lectures. The country was well known for having a huge mental hospital, or as the people would refer to it, “the mad people’s hospital.” I delivered two lectures one morning and there remained an hour until Dhuhr.With me was ‘Abd al-‘Aziz, one of the most prominent preachers in that country.As we sat in the car, I turned to him and said, “Abd al-‘Aziz, there is a place I wish to visit, as we have some time.” He said, “Where would you like to go? Your friend, Shaykh ‘Abdullah, has travelled and as for Doctor Ahmad, I phoned him but he didn’t respond. Would you like to go to the heritage museum, or…?” “No. In fact, I would like to visit the mental hospital,” I said. “The mad people?” he asked in surprise. “Yes, the mad people”, I said in response. He laughed and said jokingly, “Why? Perhaps you want to be reassured of your own sanity?” I said, “No. Only to benefit, take lessons and realize Allah’s Abd al-‘Aziz remained silent, thinking about their condition. I realized that he was a little upset, because he was quite an emotional person. He took me to the hospital in his car. We arrived at a site that looked like a cave. It was surrounded by trees from all sides. It was noticeably a very depressing environment. We met one of the doctors who welcomed us and took us for a tour of the hospital. The doctor then began to relate to us the suffering of the patients and said, “Hearing about something is not the same as witnessing it yourself.” We went passed a passageway where I heard voices coming from different directions. The patient wards were on either sides of the lobby. We went past a room to the right. I looked therein to notice more than ten empty beds, and one on which there was a man lying down, shaking his hands and feet. I turned to the doctor and said, “What is this?” He said, “He is crazy. He gets epilepsy attacks every five to six hours.” I said, ‘There is no power nor might except with Allah! How long has he been like this for?” He said, “For more than ten years.” I took it as a lesson for myself and walked on silently. After walking a few steps further, we passed by another room with the door closed. The door had an opening through which a man inside was looking out and making signs to us which we couldn’t understand. I attempted to have a glance inside the room only to find that the walls and the floor were all brown. I asked the doctor, “What is this?” The doctor replied, “A crazy person!” 48 I felt that he was not taking me seriously, so I said to him, “I know he is crazy, for if he was sane he wouldn’t be here. I want to know what his story is.” He replied, “If this man sees a wall, his limbs spring into action and he begins to hit the wall with his hands, or his feet and sometimes his head. One day his fingers are broken, another day his legs and yet another day he cracks his skull, etc.” The doctor then lowered his head in sorrow and said, “We weren’t able to treat him, so we’ve locked him up in a room as you can see. The walls and the floor are covered with sponge, so he can beat himself however he wishes.” The doctor was then silent and walked on ahead of us. As for my friend and I, we simply stood there saying, “Praise be to Allah who has saved us from what He has afflicted them with.” We then went ahead passing by many rooms on either side of us, until we passed by a room with no beds. There were more than thirty men inside, each on his own. One person was giving Adhan, another was singing, another was turning round and round, while another was dancing. There were three men amongst them who were made to sit on chairs with their hands and feet tied. They were looking around and trying to turn around but could not. I became shocked and asked the doctor, “What is wrong with these people? Why did you tie them up and not the others?” He replied, “The problem with these three is that when they see something in front of them, they strike it. They break the windows, air conditioners, doors, etc. We therefore tied them up like this from morning till evening.” I said, “Since when have they been like this?” 48 He replied, “This one for about ten years, that one for about seven and the other one is relatively new here; he has only been here for five years!” I left their room contemplating their state, and praising Allah who had saved me from what he had afflicted them with. I asked him, “Where is the hospital exit?” He said, “There is still one room left to see. Perhaps there is an additional lesson to be learnt from it. Come with me.” He took me by my hand to a large room. He opened the door, took my hand and entered the room. The scene in the room was similar to what I had seen in the previous room: a group of patients, every one of them alone, one dancing, another sleeping, etc. And to my surprise, what did I see? A man who was beyond fifty years of age,his hair grey,was squatting on the floor. He was squashed down low, staring at us and was visibly terrified. All of this was bearable, but the strangest thing that frightened me and nearly made me jump, was the fact that the man was completely naked and did not even have a piece of cloth to cover his private parts! My facial complexion changed and I immediately turned to the doctor. When he saw the redness in my eyes, he said, “Cool your anger. I will explain to you his condition. This man, whenever we make him wear a garment, he bites it with his teeth, tears it apart and tries to swallow it. In one day, we may give him more than ten sets of clothes to wear, and they will all be torn apart. The man is unable to bear any piece of clothing on his skin, thus we leave him like this come summer or winter. All those around him are mentally ill, unable to comprehend his condition.” I left the room and was unable to bear any more. I said to the doctor, “Please take me to the exit.” I said, “Actually, some sections are still left to visit.” He said, “I think, what we have seen so far is sufficient.” The doctor walked on and I walked beside him. He was walking past many wards while we remained silent. Suddenly, he turned to me as if he had just remembered something and said, “Dear Shaykh, there is a person here who was a prominent businessman. He is a millionaire. He became mentally ill, so his children brought him here and left him two years ago. There is another person here who was an engineer. Another person here was…”The doctor began informing me of those who were degraded after being honourable, and others who became poor after being rich, and so on. I was walking through the patient rooms thinking, “Glory be to the One who apportioned provision amongst the slaves. He gives to whomever He wills and withholds from whomever He wills.” Allah may provide someone with wealth, noble lineage and status, yet deprive him of sanity. You will find him the wealthiest and the strongest of all, yet he is imprisoned in a mental hospital. Allah may give another person a noble lineage, abundant wealth and great intellect, yet deprive him of health.You will find him lying on his bed for twenty or thirty years.