Thursday, 17 September 2015

Open letter to death

I wish to know the day that my brothers or sister problems will no longer affects me when my dreams will depart my mind and become a mirage of my existence, mistakes we made is that our goals are limited to our desire on earth, I am not against a luxurious life because I want comfort too but I am against a life that has no purpose to make an addition to mankind on earth. Anytime we were given chance to make difference, please don't hesitate to leave your footstep on the sand of time , life is too short so make impact as soon as you can. Death is no friend of any and foe to none, it is a debt no one will forget not to pay whether you pray or play with your life. The best of mankind classify as angels on earth has pay their due to the killer of desire and even psychopath that you wish never came to earth has pay their tax to death. To you Angel of Death, please hold on a long time I have many things to accomplish. I haven't felt the cool breeze at Minos Imperial Luxury Beach Resort & Spa (Milatos),i am yet to get maama her dream car, help my Abu live his dream life, live a sweet life with Miss Adedeji Aishat, I have not worship the master of the day of judgment to my satisfaction and I have not been declare the president of federal republic of Nigeria. As you can see angel of death I am still miles away from my desire I have just #500 in my bank Account, if you take my soul nobody will help my dead body to achieve this. pls hang on, give me time to smile and Iet me be opportune to say I did it. With the help of God I was able to leave my footprint on the sand of time, when my absent will be appreciated more gadhi and when people will appreciate me like yar'Adua. I wish angel of death read this, now I am scared as if he is at my doorstep.