Friday, 6 September 2013


            Salam alaikum dear brother and sister, I am starting this write up with the greetings that goes with any weather, any part of the day (morning, afternoon, Night) and at any location apart from toilet because you are not expect to talk and occasion, I am not condemning your belief neither am I preaching to be better than you but maybe I am only privilege to have a better understanding of this issue more than you, nobody is of all wisdom but ability to learn and correct oneself is important and willingness to learn and not argue of what you know not or don’t know much about even if you know then with adequate proof.
            On Tuesday was annoying when after a stressful day at work, thinking of getting home as early as possible, the owode traffic at ikorodu road is inexcusable caused by bad road but the traffic on Tuesday seems different then I wonder at 8:57pm what can be the cause of this then an old woman started narrating a story which I concluded to be a  fallacious story then the images came to my watsapp messenger from a friend asking me to see the wonder of Allah (subhannallahi) I laugh it off, on getting to the bus stop of incidence then I lose count of incongruous muslims in different Islamic attire running across the road without looking, someone might have been knock down by the rough driving lagos drivers but the road is bad, they can’t speed at that point of the road.
            The story that two long dead Islamic Scholars appear on the wall of a mosque and people were rushing out of ignorance to the scene like this, the story didn’t bother me but the Muslims that were behaving like the mushrik worries me, I told myself the Alfas, Imam in various Masjid (mosques) must enlighten their followers or subjects but my thought died the next morning when I came to my senses that they are some group of people who knowingly or unknowingly worship these scholars even some not all, almost equal their pilgrim to  Senegal to that of Mecca and the Imam of the mosque I pray share this believe with them.
            After Solatul Subuhi, the Imam said prayers in Arabic which I don’t understand but when we heard him say “Mohammed (S.A.W)” in very low and mundane tone was our Sallallahu Allayhi Wasallam(Peace be Upon Him) but when they heard him say Sheikh Ibrahim in a very energetic, emphatic, boisterous voice they roar Niyas, what else we explain the mentality of this set of people, I am not against the respect giving to those scholars but here is my question, I never saw the caliphate but I read and heard from scholars about them.
Why is Niyas place higher than;
1.       Hadhrat Abu Bakr
2.       Hadhrat Umar, the second Khalifa
The incidence at owode, by my knowledge of the Quran and hadiths is no work of Allah or the Angels according to some Scholars the appearance of these people is caused by the jinn, we have missed the culture of Yoruba that we see our dead father or Mother communicating to us with that of Islam. The jinn have led many people astray by appearing in the forms of awliya’ (“saints”) and righteous people etc.
Shaykh al-Islam said: The shaytan often appears in the form of the person who is being called upon and asked for help, if he is dead or sometimes if he is alive, without the person who called upon him realizing it. Indeed the shaytan may appear in his form and the misguided mushrik (pagan) who is seeking that person’s help may think that the person himself has responded to him when in fact it is the shaytan. This also happens to the kuffar (non-Muslims) who seek the help of those of whom they think well, whether they are dead or alive, such as the Christians who seek the help of George or others of their saints, and it happens to those so-called Muslims who commit shirk (polytheism) and follow misguidance by seeking the help of those who are dead or absent. The shaytan appears to them in the form of the one upon whom they call, without them realizing it… More than one person has told me that they sought my help, and each of them told me a different story. I told each one of them that I did not answer any one of them and I did not know that they were seeking my help. It was said that this was an angel, but I said: Angels do not help mushriks rather that was a devil who wanted to misguide him.

One of the greatest ways in which a Muslim may seek help against the devils is to “fortify” himself with adhkar (words of remembrance) and reciting Ayat al-Kursiy, as stated in the hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) quoted above.
Now read the report of a the media about the incident:
     Last Tuesday, an amazing event occurred at Owode Onirin, Ikorodu, Lagos, as images of some clerics who died decades ago were believed to have made sudden appearances on the walls of Dawiz Central Mosque in the area.
The images were identified as as that of Sheikh Ahmada Tijani, (Algeria) Sheikh Ibraheem Niass, (Senegal) Sheikh Jamiu Bulala. (Nigeria)
Thousands of people and passers-by stormed the mosque to not only have a glimpse but to also offer some prayers. Right inside the mosque, people were seen holding bottles/satchets of water muttering prayers and shouting Allahu Akbar (God is great). Some were even seen bowing to the image.
According to Eye-witness: “The images were first noticed on Tuesday September 3, on the walls of the mosque which was constructed a few months ago and owned by Sheikh Musa Alegbeleye.”
An eye-witness also disclosed that attempt was made by some individuals to wash off the images but to no avail; adding that the more they try to rub it off, the more the images become clearer.
It was gathered that four months ago, the image of Sheikh Jamiu Bulala Islamic Cleric, who had died two decades ago appeared first faintly to the consternation of Muslim faithful and they decided never to make it public to create any doubt.
The President of Islamic society of Nigeria, Lagos State Mukadam Alhaji Samodu Onikoyi confirmed the appearance of the images.

look at people bowing this is wrong,very wrong.

Monday, 29 July 2013



It always difficult matter when two or three people with different ways of life, be it religion, tribe or culture  decides to be roommate, the things they need for peace to always reign is to manifest patience and try to understand each other and each person we live by his belief and faith.

Now to those that crucify Sen. Yerima for marrying a 13 years old Egyptian,I am not trying to defend is action neither am I going to join you to crucify him, at least he sought for marriage with the girl rather than take her to a hotel, have a nice time with her, shut her up with money then dump her, thumbs up Sen. Yerima, I think Egypt is more advance than Nigeria and they have Human activist like us, why didn’t they themselves crucify our own Senator or will you tell me he bought his way through every Egyptian Activists then that shows that he has not broken any law from the Egyptian constitution, so please let Sen. Yerima have some peace and he was voted by his people to speak their minds and how many people from Sen. Yerima constituency have show sign of displease from his action, so that means he is representing his people and if you really want to know why I give kudos to Sen. Yerima then read about Silvio Berlusconi former Prime Minister of ITALY, Premier Silvio Berlusconi paid for sex with an under-age Moroccan teen 13 times at his villa near Milan, prosecutors have said in a document filed seeking indictments against three aides for allegedly soliciting prostitutes for the Italian leader.

It has been the practice of the northerner for a long time to give their daughter out at early age  and some have gone well while some backfire but don’t conclude yet, nothing on Earth is of hundred percent positivity so it not a crime if some of the marriages flop even marriage between grown men and women flop.

The Islamic perceptive of marriage never have anything to say with the age but it thought us that any girl that have not attain puberty should not be consume in marriages and not that the girl in question does not have a say, They are some important conditions of marriage in Islam  namely, proposal and acceptance (al-Ijaab wa alqubuul) by the bride, approval by both parents (ridaa-alwaalidayn), payment of a dowry by the groom (al-mihr) and the presence of at least two male witnesses at the ceremony (shaahidayn ‘aadilayn), now tell me how anybody right has been violated, "And they (women) have rights similar over them (Men) to what is reasonable,but men have a degree over them. And Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise." (V.2:228).

The state in which Nigeria found himself today is so pathetic that people thought are partisan either to their religion or tribe, they are some abuses on Islam that should have been address but was left unaddressed, I am sure because it has to do with a Muslim. Why everybody did remained silent when a Lagos female pupil was given 43 lashes of the cane by a heartless school principal because she put on her hijab?, don’t  try that with my sister or daughter. I thought our constitution recognized culture and religion, for those that attended Federal Government College Ijanikin Lagos they was a time when I think the Muslim teachers decided to move for  female to be allowed to wear Hijab and it went well and the Hijab was colour white with grey attach to it end and it was sold in the school store, so why should a state school decide to be ignorant of culture but please, is 43 stroke of the cane not too absurd for any offence?, where was the activist and our so called celebrities? But it saddened me more when no eyebrow was raise by the MSSN.

 Under the common law, the age at which a person is legally permitted to engage in sexual activity is below the marriageable age. In Nigeria for instance, Article 21 of the child rights act provides:

“No person under the age of 18 years is capable of contracting a valid marriage and accordingly, a marriage so contracted is null and void and of no effect whatsoever.”

On the age of consent, the criminal code act provides in section 221 that: “any person who has unlawful carnal knowledge of a girl under the age of 16 years is liable to imprisonment for 2 years, with or without caning.” Hence such a person is guilty of rape, even if the girl purported to consent.

In my religion we cherish women so much that we believe "The world and all things in it are precious, and the most precious thing in the world is a virtuous woman." (Ahmad and Muslim), how can a woman be virtue when she no longer a virgin at that age.

            The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim." - Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 74, Islam did not stop anybody from seeking knowledge; it is even a most for one to seek the right knowledge in Islam therefore early marriage doesn’t stop you from seeking knowledge infact it help in to compose and behave matured not to attend dinner parties.
Now to you Miss Stella Damascus, first let me commend your effort in trying to cause havoc in the nation with your ignorant of the issue you talk about, your scowl look was fitina , so I really couldn’t watch the video to  see and hear the way you showboat you speaking and dramatic skills but read some of your mouthy comment on the websites, please read wide and have adequate knowledge on issues you want to address, I never for once feel encourage by the life style of these entertainment stars tagged celebrity imagine IYANYA comment about an actress now the whole universe know that she is no longer a virgin, shame on you both, this is what the disgusting actress have to say; “It’s been seven months [and] I’m like a secondary virgin right now. I haven’t seen anyone, done anything”, does the world secondary virgin exist in the bible,quran or in Yoruba dictionary, Igbo dictionary  is that the lifestyle Stella want for his son and daughter or you want your daughter to shamefully roof a married man without appropriate dowry paid to you….. LWKMD .

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Islam does not support terrorism and corruption

Terrorism is a very delicate issue that has been tearing the world apart, but it seems it is spreading all over the world like an air borne disease. According to oxford dictionary, “TERRORISM means the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in pursuit of political aims” It has become a general belief in this world of ours, that “Muslims are terrorists” especially in the western world. It hurts when the religion you so much believe in is being abused or dragged in the mud. I am writing this in order to change your pre conceived thought about Islam, Jihad does not stand for the bombing and killing of innocent souls.
            I wish to restate my conviction that peace and justice constitute the basic principles of the Muslim faith. I wish again to state unequivocally that neither the al-Qaeda organization nor Usama bin Laden nor Boko haram represents Islam or reflects Muslim beliefs and practices. Rather, groups like the Boko Haram have misused and abused Islam in order to fit their own radical and indeed anti-Islamic agenda. Usama bin Laden’s led al-Qaeda and Boko Haram actions are criminal, misguided and in every sense counter the true teachings of Islam.”
According to Prof. A.G.A.S. Oladosu  (chief Imam, Unilorin central mosque) during his sermon on a Friday after the Suleja, Abuja Nigeria  bombing, he said Jihad means winning or convincing souls why they should be Muslims. Jihad is not done through violence and destruction of properties. I was once told by a friend that, every Non-Muslim in a Muslim environment is a potential Muslim so they shouldn’t be oppressed or disturbed as long as much they obey the rules and regulations of the land, just like the Muslims.
 Muslims ought to be united against all those who terrorize the innocent, and those who permit the killing of non-combatants without justifiable reasons. Islam has declared the spilling of blood and the destruction of property as absolute prohibitions until the Day of Judgment...[It is] necessary to apprehend the true perpetrators of these crimes, as well as those who aid and abet them through incitement, financing or other means. Any Muslim who is aware of the teachings of his religion and who adheres to the directives of the Holy Qur’an and the sunnah (the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad) will never involve himself in such act (terrorism), because they will invoke the anger of ALLAH and cause harm and corruption on earth”. This people must be brought to justice in an impartial court of law. It is the duty of Muslims to participate in this effort by all possible means. Attacking innocent people is not courageous; it is stupid and will be punished on the day of judgement. It is not courageous to attack innocent children, women and civilians. It is courageous to protect freedom; it is courageous to defend yourself and not to attack. I want to urge you and make you understand that Islam does not allow oppression of another person. Let me discuss some problems and enlighten you about some issue.
Now I will like to take the Nigeria issue as a case study, charity begins at home. The basic problem we have in this country boils down to the sharing formula of the nation and greed on the part of some leaders to which I don’t see an end, because corruption has eaten so deep into the fabric of the society that it has gotten to the primary level of education. I could remember vividly during my elementary school days. As the time keeper of my school, so I took to reporting defaulters of time to a teacher who then punishes them.One fateful day, a classmate of mine didn’t get back on time, knowing fully well that I won’t accept her apology she decided to get me an ice cream while coming back, I didn’t accept it but didn’t report her too…don’t ask why. If at that early age of ours, we recognized how to entice our people with gift, then we know that the foundation of this nation is shaky. This does not mean  if you are a Muslim or not, every parents whether Muslims or Christians and others have a big task at hand to bring the foundation to the very best, don’t leave the task to the teachers in school, we spend more free time at home than in school. To be corrupt is a personal decision, I am not been sentimental here but it is just the fact.
In 2006 President Musa Yar’adua decided to remove the sum of five naira from the national commodity petrol so as to reduce the suffering of the people it was a well welcome decision because every Nigerian knew that was a government that have the people in mind but there was a problem, the name of the country was all over the news worldwide because of the self-centered chiefs of the Niger-Delta region of the country, came up with a group of terrorist that the media tag militant (favouring confrontational methods in support of a cause) please what cause was the people of Niger-Delta fighting for that made them tarnish the name of our beloved country, we hosted the world  U-17 Football competition at that time I remember jack warner (FIFA vice-president) not visiting calabar during the inspection because that region was been terrorize by terrorist tag militant, read the newspaper from 2002 till date and see how many politician from that region have been questioned, sentence or detain by the EFCC (Economic Financial Crime Commission)  and yet they cry foul of improper formulation.
In 2012 President Goodluck Jonathan decided to remove the subsidy from fuel and the whole nation kick against it with different form of protest and the nationwide strike before the NLC was compromise because we are yet to see any benefit of the removal of the fuel subsidy so I see no reason why every hardworking people of the nation should go to work under these intense hard life even my life as a student has become more quagmire talk less of the life of a parent, how can a leader of a nation force a decision on his people telling them it of their own benefit and they said NO  yet  he went ahead with the decision that shows that your listening ears are block and the hunger seems to hit the northerner the most and some big people among them (no names to mention cos even the Nigeria police, intelligence are yet to give a well proved culprit so stop assuming ) started using them for their own agenda weather political or for amnesty purpose we don’t know “yes” we(Nigerians), the media didn’t  tag them militants, I sob every time I read this on a journal Islamic-sect Group a.k.a Boko haram Subhannallahi !Subhannallahi!!  ALLAH will reward all men according to our deed on earth. How can the Nigerian media be so sentimental about such issue I even heard that boko haram has been in existence for a long time if so then they are question that we don’t have answers to:
1.      Why are they been violent now?
2.      What changed their orientation?
3.       What do they want?
4.      Why now?
How I wish I could get answers to these questions, let compare the issue of 2006 and 2012 it between a Muslim leader and a Christian leader, you see we have our own personality that don’t have anything to do with our religion, I have so many Christian friends and they are good people in character and behavior likewise some of my brothers that you can always put your trust on.
According to Shaykh Muhammad bin ‘Abdallah al-Sabil, member of the Council of Senior Religious Scholars, Saudi Arabia:
“Any attack on innocent people is unlawful and contrary to shari’a (Islamic law). … Muslims must safeguard the lives, honor and property of Christians and Jews. Attacking them contradicts shari’a.”

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


 A Yoruba adage that says: ”Esin tiwa ju ni ti eyin nwo sare (The horse at the front determines what those at the back will do)”,  The university Student Union Gen sec has classified we students of this great university as being scared, we are only looking at what the S.U.G Excos will do so we can follow suit but since you’ve decided to accept the terms of the carnival(Bon fire), we can only blame ourselves for voting in a set of incompetent entities into power to lead us. You can’t hide under your pen to fight for freedom, you need to prove that you are up to the task by action not by word but sincerely I still give kudos to the gen sec for writing out his thought but I will consider your piece as just being written by a student, holding no political office, not by the S.U.G gen sec then you deserve to be praise for bravery but the fact still remains you are the Gen sec then you and other Excos have failed without excuses.
To those cowards that could not be brave enough to write for a common student but instead preferred to jump into conclusion to scold the Gen sec to gain cheap recognition, for bravery then you are not worthy member of a community like this, do you think we are all cowards like you, people like you (both of you) like to suffer and smile but let us all reason, these guys are all potential lawyers and future judges. It shows that the Nation judiciary that is in a bad state has no hope of improving if all lawyers are being sentimental putting their private principle ahead of the human right and law, the school should have given appropriate reason to the student to cut short their fun and it should have being done in a respectful way, we are adults not secondary school student.
To those like me who don’t socialize it doesn’t mean this chaos is not our business we have to fight as one so as to get to the promise land or what do you have to say about the the lectures few hours to exam.

Losing Friends to death not easy

With heavy heart and tearful mood I write to you this piece of my consoling note, it is a sad one that we don’t want to experience even when we know the truth that it is a battle without an escape route. we knew each other not long ago almost three years now and it seems as if we have been together since childhood and have share things together since we were infants. Live is full of all sort of things happiness, joy, sadness, sorrow, pains and regret, now it has turn the sadness part to us we have to take it and learn from it.
                My deepest condolence go to her friends, classmate and her ever supportive parent, nothing we can do to bring her back than to just pray to Allah in his famous mercy forgive her of all her shortcomings and accept her, if we continue crying from now till tomorrow it will never return our beloved ZAINAB to us, it hurt deep down my heart and shock every part of me, this make me imagine how her  parent will feel, the sorrow they feel right now, Oh Allah!!!! Her mum, please Allah grant her the strength to bear that pain, it hurts. Subhanallahi! Subbhanallahi!! Subhanallahi!!!
                To those left please consider that one day, we will leave the world and never come back, they will cry when they see your number, they will miss you when they sit alone. Won’t be able to hear your laugh and voice again. Their will be no more you to irritate (like I do to my friend), tease, annoy them and say sorry stupidly. Tears might flow out of their eyes but you will be gone, long and forever so, ENJOY EACH OTHER SILLY STUPID COMPANY AS MUCH BEFORE WE CLOSE OUR EYES FOREVER………………..GOOBYE ZAINAB TOWOLAWI
Please recite suratul Ikhlas * 10 for her
May Allah Forgive and overlook her shortcomings and bad deeds
Abundantly Reward her Good deeds.
Grant her parent the strength to bear the loss. (Ameen)

Growing UP

He was born like any other child born that day the different between him and that rich man child begins before he was born, the ante-natal the various mother received is so much different that the poor ghetto boy mother wonders everyday if she will survive, ouch!!! Thank God she survives now time to celebrate father refuses to own up to people that his so much lovely wife has put to bed. Why? The more he tells people the more guests he expects in 7 days’ time now he was lucky to get a cooperative assistant or his monthly contribution (esusu or ajo) was just given to him, that make up for the party.
            Now party over, year after years it time for the poor ghetto boy to go to school and learn to dream to become useful to the family and country, he has no choice but to attend the degraded and unfriendly government school, obstacle number 1 he has to fight his way through to the top against ghetto boys like him but who have lost hope of making any meaningful profit on education only go to school so that they won’t be left bored at home, they get rude to their teachers pick up fight with other schools and get engage in smoking, drinking and adultery. He sees these activity take place every day he has to fight against the will to join, what a battle compare to that rich man boy who attend school with the children of foreign expatriates in Nigeria all they talk about is their brother in the university then start dreaming of how to join him, talk of the high quality equipment’s (PlayStation, computers) he got for relaxation.