Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Losing Friends to death not easy

With heavy heart and tearful mood I write to you this piece of my consoling note, it is a sad one that we don’t want to experience even when we know the truth that it is a battle without an escape route. we knew each other not long ago almost three years now and it seems as if we have been together since childhood and have share things together since we were infants. Live is full of all sort of things happiness, joy, sadness, sorrow, pains and regret, now it has turn the sadness part to us we have to take it and learn from it.
                My deepest condolence go to her friends, classmate and her ever supportive parent, nothing we can do to bring her back than to just pray to Allah in his famous mercy forgive her of all her shortcomings and accept her, if we continue crying from now till tomorrow it will never return our beloved ZAINAB to us, it hurt deep down my heart and shock every part of me, this make me imagine how her  parent will feel, the sorrow they feel right now, Oh Allah!!!! Her mum, please Allah grant her the strength to bear that pain, it hurts. Subhanallahi! Subbhanallahi!! Subhanallahi!!!
                To those left please consider that one day, we will leave the world and never come back, they will cry when they see your number, they will miss you when they sit alone. Won’t be able to hear your laugh and voice again. Their will be no more you to irritate (like I do to my friend), tease, annoy them and say sorry stupidly. Tears might flow out of their eyes but you will be gone, long and forever so, ENJOY EACH OTHER SILLY STUPID COMPANY AS MUCH BEFORE WE CLOSE OUR EYES FOREVER………………..GOOBYE ZAINAB TOWOLAWI
Please recite suratul Ikhlas * 10 for her
May Allah Forgive and overlook her shortcomings and bad deeds
Abundantly Reward her Good deeds.
Grant her parent the strength to bear the loss. (Ameen)