Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Growing UP

He was born like any other child born that day the different between him and that rich man child begins before he was born, the ante-natal the various mother received is so much different that the poor ghetto boy mother wonders everyday if she will survive, ouch!!! Thank God she survives now time to celebrate father refuses to own up to people that his so much lovely wife has put to bed. Why? The more he tells people the more guests he expects in 7 days’ time now he was lucky to get a cooperative assistant or his monthly contribution (esusu or ajo) was just given to him, that make up for the party.
            Now party over, year after years it time for the poor ghetto boy to go to school and learn to dream to become useful to the family and country, he has no choice but to attend the degraded and unfriendly government school, obstacle number 1 he has to fight his way through to the top against ghetto boys like him but who have lost hope of making any meaningful profit on education only go to school so that they won’t be left bored at home, they get rude to their teachers pick up fight with other schools and get engage in smoking, drinking and adultery. He sees these activity take place every day he has to fight against the will to join, what a battle compare to that rich man boy who attend school with the children of foreign expatriates in Nigeria all they talk about is their brother in the university then start dreaming of how to join him, talk of the high quality equipment’s (PlayStation, computers) he got for relaxation.