Wednesday, 17 April 2013


 A Yoruba adage that says: ”Esin tiwa ju ni ti eyin nwo sare (The horse at the front determines what those at the back will do)”,  The university Student Union Gen sec has classified we students of this great university as being scared, we are only looking at what the S.U.G Excos will do so we can follow suit but since you’ve decided to accept the terms of the carnival(Bon fire), we can only blame ourselves for voting in a set of incompetent entities into power to lead us. You can’t hide under your pen to fight for freedom, you need to prove that you are up to the task by action not by word but sincerely I still give kudos to the gen sec for writing out his thought but I will consider your piece as just being written by a student, holding no political office, not by the S.U.G gen sec then you deserve to be praise for bravery but the fact still remains you are the Gen sec then you and other Excos have failed without excuses.
To those cowards that could not be brave enough to write for a common student but instead preferred to jump into conclusion to scold the Gen sec to gain cheap recognition, for bravery then you are not worthy member of a community like this, do you think we are all cowards like you, people like you (both of you) like to suffer and smile but let us all reason, these guys are all potential lawyers and future judges. It shows that the Nation judiciary that is in a bad state has no hope of improving if all lawyers are being sentimental putting their private principle ahead of the human right and law, the school should have given appropriate reason to the student to cut short their fun and it should have being done in a respectful way, we are adults not secondary school student.
To those like me who don’t socialize it doesn’t mean this chaos is not our business we have to fight as one so as to get to the promise land or what do you have to say about the the lectures few hours to exam.